You Don't Have to Put Up With Spotty Wi-Fi

Providing network connection improvement services in Faribault & Northfield, MN

The more devices you have in your home, the more pressure it puts on your network and Wi-Fi equipment. Upgrade your spotty connection with help from Edison Custom Electronics. We offer residential and commercial Wi-Fi setup services in the Faribault & Northfield, MN area. Our network connection improvement team will provide you with a speedy and secure connection within two weeks.

What are the signs you need to upgrade your internet hardware?

A bad residential or commercial Wi-Fi setup just isn't worth it. We recommend calling us for connection improvement services if you:

  • Own smart home devices
  • Exceed your data limit often
  • Have dead zones in your home
  • Plan on buying more streaming services
  • Have multiple devices that are connected to the internet
  • Use online storage systems that are slow or starting to fail
  • Deal with lags while gaming, streaming or video chatting

Give your internet the boost it needs. Call us today to schedule network connection improvement services.