Not Happy With Your Standard TV Setup?

Depend on us for home theater installation services in Faribault & Northfield, MN

With so many home streaming services to enjoy, you want to make your home viewing experience the best it can be. The pros at Edison Custom Electronics can help you do exactly that. We offer home theater installation services in the Faribault & Northfield, MN area. Our specialists can start with a simple surround sound system installation and go from there to create your dream setup.

Discover our home theater options

We do a lot more than surround sound system installations. We have the skills and equipment needed to:

  • Mount televisions of any size
  • Hang projectors and drop-down screens
  • Set up sound reinforcements and public announcement systems
  • Install streaming audio systems throughout your home or office
Standard television mounting costs $250 (55-inch TVs or smaller). Call us today to schedule an appointment for home theater installation services. We offer special pricing for builders.